Spin Cycle

by Opposite States

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released March 19, 2018


all rights reserved



Opposite States Fort Myers, Florida

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Track Name: Pioneers
I got caught staring out the window
Wishing I was somewhere else to find the feeling
That I lost so long ago
Can you tell me
Where do you go when you left home?
Thinking that you figured it all
Now you’re here
Looking at the dust that you let build up on the shelf
Of your quiet soul
Will you quietly go for real?

It’s your soul screaming out
Do you hear it?
Are you listening to where the wind blows?
Follow the voice calling from the road
Listen to the stars at night as they guide you so far from home
Let’s find out where these lines go

She called me Kerouac
Well I fell in love but she didn’t fall back
And I got burned
But I guess that’s a lesson that can only be learned when you’re living
I climbed the highest heights where I saw for miles
Met a couple of Kiwis how are friends for life
After all this driving for miles and miles
For the first time in the longest time
I felt alive

We were sitting on your front porch
With a point of view
Believing the lies that we told ourselves
But we know aren’t true
And we talked, we talked
On the most sobering thought
It’d be a god damn shame if you gave this up

Track Name: Closer
Wish you were closer
Not so far away
Cause I can see this going places
Now I’m falling with each new taste
And I can feel your hesitation

Two hours to go on this road
Maybe I’m just a fool for this one
She’s making me nervous without trying
I’m nervous to find out if
This reciprocates

A stranger and a fool
And your eyes they tell no lies but your words came true
You’re cool
To the touch and a lush
And now you’ve got someone to give it back to you

Track Name: Spin Cycle
The writings on the wall
Said you’re beautiful
I saw your lit up silhouette
And your smile through all your crying
Thought that said it all
But I’m guessing I was wrong
It’s just another late night walk me home
And share your deepest thoughts
And make me hold you close

Couldn’t love me if you loved me
Couldn’t let me if you did
You’re looking for a man to replace your angry daddy
Well who can we kid, girl, I’m just a kid
I’ll never win

I try, but I always say wait
I don’t want to be a kid no more
But I don’t think I want the hurt when
You never let me in
When I see their love get close
An old ghost takes the cycle’s hold
And it spins them away

Oh you too?
Been so many years I’ve known you
And to find ourselves in this place is oh so strange
I can barely taste the red wine on your tongue
Or is that mine?
Held me down just right
For the best ride of my whole life
Fell asleep with your head in my arms
In the morning when I woke up
You were gone
You were gone

Track Name: Somebody
Don’t it feel good to know somebody loves you
Even through the toughest times
So don’t be so cold
To your mother or your father
Cause they don’t know
All the things we thought they know
What we don’t know

Caught a glimpse in the mirror today
Couldn’t place a name to the face
I’ve been hiding from something that’s eating me up
Tried to paint it brightly, but I grayed it all out
Tried to paint it brightly, but I faded it out
No luck this time
No luck this time

[Chorus] x2
Track Name: For What It's Worth
God damn, another failed plan
Well the dream must be dead
We’ll never make it
Tied up in all the wrong reasons
Let the seasons passing turn us cynical and cold
Is there still a spark in your soul?
Does the pain still linger in your bones?
Think about it hard
Cause we’ve got another chance at this
Are you ready?
Cause it might be our last

You’re inciting a mountaintop
I’m excited to see what this avalanche brings to me

I hope to see my oldest friends grow
Cause I know their dreams from so long ago
Don’t you think we owe
Just a little bit of something to the next ones?
So they can see this through
And I heard the good news ringing hrough the blues
That we might just make it after all
So stand tall, so we can be the guidance
As we were the guided once
Don’t you ever forget that

As vagrant souls when the street glows
Walked all the way home
With talks of dreams and getting out of this town
And oh,
Do you remember your songs?
And I’ll help sing along
When I hit the road with my best friends

We all grow old and let go
And get told that we are not who we ought to be
So take hold of the intent of your soul
And don’t let it be sold by anybody else’s gold
We’re taking on the world
Taking on the world to find our place in time
Not be haunted by a list of innocent excuses
To cover a pathetic lie


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